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At Ultinous, we provide

Advanced video analytics technology to improve your products and services or build great things.

Our image and video recognition technology is made easily accessible by a clean API, empowering developers all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.


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For retail partners

Detecting the patterns of customer behavior is not anymore the privilege of online marketers. Advanced technology gives you the key of perfect understanding.

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Security Industry

Besides having face recognition access control, you can track all the indoor actions of your visitors and employees — the new, high-tech level of security.

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Web Services

Use the potentials of the latest AI technologies in order to create a thus far unprecedented user experience for your application. Don’t get left behind.

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Technology of ultinous

Deep learning based computer vision technology can analyze high resolution images and videos faster and more accurately than traditional image processing methods. The solution can match or exceed human capabilities in for instance:


Different object


Detect persons
and faces


Tell gender and
estimate age


Identify dominant
traffic paths




Real time 3D


Technology of ultinous

The Ultinous Alert Platform leverages cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning,
which means shopper patterns can be assessed in real time,
to predict when a queue is going to form before it happens.

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It does this by building up a profile about each individual store and how it works. This allows it to learn to respond to the needs of the store and tells the store managers what to do to improve their trading.

Alerting methods depend on the individual store requirements. Ultinous Alert Platform can be implemented easily and cost effectively using the existing CCTV infrastructure into any size of store portfolio – from 5 – 5,000″. Ultinous Alert data can be easily combined with existing analytic information.

What you get with Ultinous Alert Platform?

Using your existing CCTV infrastructure you can


Predict queues before they occur

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Reduce the number of unacceptable queues and therefore: improve sales; increase conversion rate and reduce basket abandonments resulting in improving the overall customer experience.

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Measure dwell time by demographics

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Determine how long your customers stay in your store or department based on their individual demographic profile. You will better understand your customers and assess your marketing effectiveness.

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Count footfall traffic into your store

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Accurately count customers coming into your store enabling you to identify
peak trading times,
calculate conversion
rate and align staff
with traffic.

costumer ratio

Optimise staff to customer ratio

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Accurately determine the number staff on your shop floor, alerting you when there is a mismatch between the number of staff and customers. This will ensure that you can provide the best customer service.


Track passer-by traffic

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Accurately and consistently count the number of people passing your store and in which direction they are walking to determine peel off rates. This gives you the ability to compare footfall location across your portfolio.

recognize costumers

Recognise your customers

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With the advancement of facial recognition technology you can accurately determine the number of returning customers across your store portfolio. you will also be able to identify known offenders to alert store security staff.


AI-based access control

Ultinous can recognize, identify or verify a person with facial recognition. It helps improve customer service and protects your assets by identifying important customers or potential perpetrators.




Even the most prepared security group can fail recognizing certain improper actions or events in the middle of a huge crowd. This is why AI-based technology is a more and more popular tool to help your team keep the public safe.

Sports stadiums, concerts and other large-scale events rely on video analytics to ensure that nothing unwanted can happen. Thanks to the advancements in facial recognition technology and video analytics, each person’s face can now be scanned, analysed, and, if needed, identified with security throughout a location. AI-based technology thus becomes the most professional support in order to reach the TOP security level.

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Ultinous technology gives defense and security infrastructure the intelligence
to understand what it is seeing, and alerts at speed and scale.


User validation and profile matching

With the integration of our AI based video, stream, and photo analyzer service you can increase the user experience of your website or application to the maximum.
The technology can help you defend your child without harming his/her private sphere, even if you’re not present.

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“I’m not a machine”

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Look – a – like

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Face compare

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Child protection

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Our technology gives you the opportunity to detect if your visitor is a real person, or if the user uploads real photos of him/herself thus you can secure that your service is used properly.

AI can also identify profile photos that are the most similar to the photo of a certain person/celebrity/user.

So if you have, for example, a casting agency, you can have every profile from your database that are the most similar to the character you need.