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The demand for intelligent video analytics is constantly increasing as more and more industries realise the benefits for its application. Video analysis is required to filter and process data, trace moving objects, detect abnormalities, and generate alarms so that regulatory bodies can take appropriate action.

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London alone has 500,000 cameras dotted throughout the city, approximately one camera for every 16 people.


Sports stadiums, concerts and other large-scale events rely on video analytics to keep the public safe. Thanks to the advancements in facial recognition technology and video analytics, each person’s face can now be scanned, analysed, and, if needed, identified with security throughout a location.

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Ultinous technology deploys defence and security infrastructure to the system to understand what it is seeing, and alerts at speed and scale.


Identify known offenders:

Quickly and accurately identify known or persistent offenders against an image database to alert security staff if and when they enter a specific or restricted area. This can also be used to prevent cash fraud, ensuring that only registered staff can enter a specific cash area of a business.


Access control in buildings:

Coupled with existing RFID, the Ultinous Platform can be used to restrict access to areas where a pass could potentially be shared between staff or third-party personnel. The system can generate an alert if someone enters a restricted area from an elevator or stairwell. It can also be used to restrict access to areas where there are age restrictions.


Tracking movement at specific locations:

Receive an alert when tailgating or movement of unrecognised personnel past, or through, a specific restricted area, occurs out of hours.