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Ultinous offers its video analysis services through a dedicated platform, UVAP (Ultinous Video Analysis Platform). UVAP is a set of software services that can be composed and extended in a flexible way to build scalable AI-based video analysis capability and functionality.

Latest technology

Continuously grant the latest and highest quality video analytic detectors available, with industry-leading accuracy and efficient processing.

Superfast prototyping and data lossless fine-tuning

With easy integration and pre-configured components, prototyping can be started within days, and all the data can be reused later on.

Easy installation and integration

UVAP offers pre-configured elements and pre-set dockers and is designed to work with Kafka the widely used stream-processing software.

VMS integration

UVAP comes with SDKs and plugins to a continuously growing number of VMSs.

Modularity with optional customization

Detectors and feature sets can be added in blocks based on business needs. UVAP elements are pre-configured for easy integration but can be easily customized.

Pay as you grow

Users pay for the needed set of features only. As their business grows they can adjust their licencing by easily add new feature sets or extend the number of streams analyzed.

Professional support

UVAP comes with all the necessary tools including documentation, tutorials, ready-to-run demos, consultancy and a growing number of built-in components.

Privacy support

UVAP converts human face images to numeric representations and can save the frames blurred. You can run UVAP with your current infrastructure exposure; no external calls are needed.

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UVAP supports businesses in a growing number of markets. Use cases cover areas like safety, operations or marketing.

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Visit our booth at AXIS Partner Showcase and discover our state of the art AI-based modular video analytics technology and how easily and cost-effectively can it become a high-added-value part of your service offer towards your end-user clients.