Enhancing, Empowering & Automating physical security through Artificial Intelligence

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Utilize AI driven video analytics to identify unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Multi object detection

Automate vehicle detection and identification as well as classify objects.

Human & Multi object counting

Identify, classify and measure humans and objects. Generate data for evaluation.


Automate crowd measuring and notification when the amount exceeds the threshold.

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About U-Alarm

U-Alarm is an AI based video analytics solution. It is designed to analyze and automate IP camera event detection and notification in an actionable fashion. The U-Alarm AI is trained to detect intrusion to restricted areas, detect, identify and measure various class based objects, and measure crowds in confined spaces. Detected events are available via the U-Alarm User Interface (UI), through third-party Video Management System (VMS) dashboards as alarms or as data outputs. U-Alarm runs on NVIDIA® Jetson™ devices. Analytics and processing are handled on site for security, privacy, latency and storage purposes.


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Business Benefits

Through the use of AI driven analytics, U-Alarm turns security challenges into business benefits

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Low false alarm rate

Traditional Video Motion Detection systems produce a substantial number of false alarms. Various weather and light conditions, small objects, foliage and animals can all trigger false alarms. AI driven analytics focuses on telling classified objects apart from everything else, providing high accuracy results.

Cost efficient implementation

U-Alarm offers a low footprint implementation to existing infrastructures, without the need for major changes. It enhances legacy IP cameras and technologies with Artificial Intelligence. Due to its simple configuration U-Alarm can bring even 10 year old surveillance infrastructures up to speed with today’s norms and demands.

Real-time event notification

Quite often events are only discovered during a footage audit, long after when they occurred. This works well for a forensics investigation but demonstrates the lack of real-time response capabilities. AI driven analytics generate event notifications in real-time as the event is happening.

Actionable response

When an event is noticed it is not necessarily enough to decide what to do next. U-Alarm provides not just event notifications, but the relevant metadata as well, allowing security personnel to make rapid decisions and take corresponding actions based on them.

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The changing tides in Video surveillance

Learn how the combination of AI & Edge changes the Video surveillance landscape

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