Actionable video analytics
powered by Artificial Intelligence

Ultinous is an AI-based technology company using deep learning to provide advanced actionable video analytics.

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Retail Platform

Ultinous offers advanced customer insights for brick and mortar Retailers, that learns shopper patterns, measures and shortens queues through its Queue Prediction and Alert Tool.

Security Solutions

Ultinous’s technology can filter and process data, trace moving people, detect abnormalities, and generate predictive alarms so that security teams can take appropriate action preventing unwanted incidents.

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Ultinous Web Services

WEB Services API

Utilise the potential of the latest AI technologies in your products using our easy to integrate API to create a thus far unprecedented user experience for your customers.

Industries we serve

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commercial-facilities o s

Commercial facilities

Retail shops
Shopping malls
transportation o s
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Train and bus stations
Public transportation
private-facilities o
private-facilities o

Private facilities

Office buildings
Research sites
Production sites and warehouses
government-facilities o s
government-facilities o s

Governmental facilities

Governmental buildings
Detention facilities
Homeland security
sports-and-leisure o s
sports-and-leisure o s

Sports and Leisure

Sport stadiums
Concert halls
Theme parks
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Online business and leisure

Online banking
Gambling sites
Dating sites
Widespread applications for
  • Commercial facilities
  • Transportation
  • Private facilities
  • Governmental facilities
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Online business and leisure

Shopping malls, airports, sports stadiums, concerts along with governmental, private and public facilities can rely on our video analytics to ensure that nothing unwanted happens. More than this Ultinous solution can also support effective people movement and flow management through its unique Queue management with predictive alerting function.

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Technology we use

Deep learning based computer vision technology can analyze high resolution images and videos faster and more accurately than traditional image processing methods.

Ultinous face recognition

Head/face detection

Ultinous face recognition logo

Face recognition and verification

Ultinous anonymisation

Real-time anonymisation

Ultinous demographics

Gender and age estimation

Ultinous re-identificiation

Person re-identification

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