Founded in 2014 as a Swedish-Hungarian joint venture, Ultinous is an Artificial Intelligence-based video analytics development company focusing on applied research capabilities with the ability of rapid succession prototyping.

Our strengths

By this point, many organizations are facing challenges that require AI-based technologies to solve them. As the solutions may fundamentally differ from one another, organizations are not necessarily looking for the exact same out-of-the-box solution but rather something tailor-made for their specific needs.

This is where Ultinous shines. An industry leader in AI-based R&D, we both have the technical know-how and the lab environment to produce adjacent models and prototypes in rapid succession. We provide state of the art AI driven video analytics in the field of Human and Multi-object Detection, Counting, Intrusion and Crowd Detection. We focus on minimizing false alarm rates by 99%. This way we provide tailor-made solutions in a quick and efficient manner to ensure critical infrastructures protection and perimeter defense.

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