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A presence on the market for over half a decade, Ultinous is a Swedish-Hungarian Artificial Intelligence research and development company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Ultinous offers highly scalable, end-to-end software solutions designed for human detection and object classification.

Our core technology is an edge-based, AI-driven Video Analytics Platform that focuses on physical security monitoring and safety management. Our market presence is driven through a network of distributors and integrators.

The need for automation and immediate event handling in the field of physical security is ever growing due to the constantly increasing amount of factors to consider. Our mission is to Enhance, Empower and Automate surveillance capabilities for the modern era through the application of AI.


What makes Ultinous such a cutting edge company is not only its technology but also the vast knowledge and experience of its people.
Meet our executives behind the scenes.

György Balogh

György Balogh

Chief Executive Officer

Gyorgy, the founder of Ultinous, has been the company's CTO since 2014 and CEO since 2020.  He has been working in software development (C++ 25y, Java 15y, Python 10y) ever since his childhood. He has been researching neural networks and artificial intelligence for 24 years, resulting in 9 publications and two patents to date.

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László Szabó

László Szabó

Head of operations

Laszlo joined Ultinous in 2018 as the Head of Delivery & IT and became the Head of Operations in 2021. Laszlo has over twenty years of experience in IT, and he is a certified software operator and has a broad knowledge of IT, especially Windows, Linux, and networking. He has a strong engineering mindset combined with a business orientation and an interest in people.

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Tibold Balogh

Tibold Balogh

Chief Commercial Officer

Tibold joined Ultinous as CCO in 2021 and is leading the scale-up and acceleration activities of the company. He has 20+ years of experience in commercial and technology leadership roles within ICT. He has a broad perspective on the world of IT and Telecoms, having previously held senior positions at Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent and Vodafone.

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