PNY Virtual Summit – AI Transforming our Cities | Ultinous, NVIDIA, HBKU

January 20, 2021

Our cities are changing with policies ongoing to empower transportation, healthcare, and safety infrastructure allowing us to communicate better and live in a smart and citizen-friendly environment and having less impact on our environment. Artificial Intelligence is a key component of this main transformative movement allowing the implementation of smart edge devices all over the cities to collect, monitor information, and implement smart services. Join us for the Virtual Talk “AI Transforming our cities” to know how this technology can widely contribute to Smart cities policies.

During the Virtual AI Summit, you will learn about: The most recent Research and business AI projects related to Smart Cities in Qatar and beyond. Best practices to implement an AI infrastructure related to Smart Cities deployment. Real use cases to empower the life of citizens and workflows in the city using artificial intelligence. A wide range of solution from PNY Technologies Europe, NVIDIA and Ultinous allowing the coverage of real use cases for a smart city.

Ultinous presentation starts from 49:39.

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