U-Alarm 2.0.0 is Released with Key New Features: Multi Object Detection and Multi Object Counting

July 26, 2021

You asked, we deliver: Multi Object Detection and Multi Object Counting have just been released as key new features to U-Alarm 2.0.0 by Ultinous.


Too many false alarms, limited attention span of staff, and consequently, the latency in reacting to security incidents are just the top of the major concerns video security surveillance professionals are facing today. Organizations are shifting their focus from passive to active physical security solutions, and we are proud to be developing one of the most innovative technologies of AI-driven video analytics solutions that enable your organization to smarten up your existing environment.


U-Alarm 2.0.0 key new features and updates help enhance, empower and automate your physical security network with the following capabilities:


  • Enhanced intrusion detection can be applied for fixed and PTZ cameras including detection of humans and 5 different vehicle classes: bike, motorcycle, car, truck, bus
  • Multi Object Detection can detect, identify and send various alarm notifications about humans and 8 different vehicle classes: bike, motorcycle, car, truck, bus, train, boat, plane
  • Multi Object Counting can detect, classify and accurately count humans and 8 different vehicle classes (bike, motorcycle, car, truck, bus, train, boat, plane) even in various combinations of cameras and/or regions of interest in given camera streams
  • Improved person detection accuracy provides better data points for analytics 
  • Live and historical data access make operation and reporting easier on a daily basis
  • HTTP status endpoint for monitoring is introduced to simplify operation 
  • Redesigned, intuitive UI and layout provides quick setup and ease of use 
  • Additional, custom third-party software integration for alarms and counters 


Hardware Specifications and Device Support 

U-Alarm currently runs on Nvidia Jetson TX2 and NX devices (U-Alarm boxes). To learn more about each tested model with their specifications, visit Our Documentation page..  



Read more details about the full feature set of U-Alarm 2.0.0 here and request a demo here

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