Customer service and Security

Ultinous support Airport operators to improve their customer service and security level while optimizing operational efficiency




Identification and tracking

Confirm a person’s identity against a database (e.g. passport photo or boarding pass) in real-time to grant or reject access.
Identify, locate and track (multi-camera tracking) known offenders.

Access control

Manage the automatic enter and exit process of authorised personnel, alert on known offenders or unknown people (can be used together with RFID solutions).

Area monitoring

Monitoring restricted areas and receive an alert when unauthorised personnel access or when potential tailgating is happening.

Waiting time prediction

Using actual traffic data and dwell times, real-time waiting information can be displayed to inform travellers at various functions of an airport including security checking, passport control or commercial areas.

Predictions can be displayed at the airport, on mobile apps, websites or on the airport transfer vehicles.


Customer experience

Utilize UVAP to make airport shopping a real experience, resulting in higher satisfaction and improved business results.

Entering the shop
  • Measure and improve your entering customer greeting time
  • Measure and reduce the non-greeted ratio
  • Recognize – and get alerted on – returning customers and greet them in a distinctive way
In the shop
  • Recognize and react on unattended customers, measure and reduce their rate
  • Manage and shorten queues
Leaving the shop
  • Measure and reduce the rate of customers who are leaving without the staff’s farewell

Queue management

Real-time traffic data, along with historical data series, can be used to recognize the formulation of queues.

Staff can be alerted to react in time thus, avoid unfinished purchases and can be scheduled in advance to meet the optimal staff-to-customer ratio.

Visitor insights and advanced analytics

  • Visitor traffic by entering and exit points
  • Passer-by and footfall traffic of predefined areas (e.g. shops)
  • Heat maps
  • Customer journey
  • Peek hours – distribution of visitors
    All these with demography breakdown

This information can be used to increase the airport’s profit through optimized tenant strategy (mix and placing) and reduce cost by better defined occupancy-based service levels (e.g. food court, city transfer, cleaning services) and optimized staff management.

Implementation of the above use cases requires an integrator’s interaction. UVAP do not provide these features out of the box.

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