Elderly Care

Protection and prevention

Ultinous's solution helps elderly institutions to create a safer environment for their clients and increase operational efficiency at the same time


Elderly care


Fall detection

Monitor and alert when sudden and/or unexpected/irregular movement happening, e.g. a resident has fallen.

“Non-movement” detection

Monitor and alert when a resident is not moving (e.g. not able to get out from the bed or not leaving the restroom) for a long time, outside of a justified period (e.g. night sleeping).

Wandering prevention and alerting

Prevent elderly care residents from wandering off unaccompanied.

By integrating with access control, the system helps monitor the exits of a facility. When a resident’s face is detected near an exit, an alert can be sent to the facility personnel and/or the doors can be set to stay closed.

Protect official or personal territory and prevent interpersonal incidents

Receive an alert when unauthorised personnel (resident, visitor) access a restricted area.

Preventing a resident from entering another person’s room by mistake (can be set to alerting-only).

Prevents interpersonal incidents by sending an alert when people, known to be in hostile relation, approaching to get into close proximity.

Facility insights

Optimise your facility’s performance and staff allocation by having information on:

  • number of visitors
  • distribution of visitors (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • visitor’s dwell times

Implementation of the above use cases requires an integrator’s interaction. UVAP do not provide these features out of the box.

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