Health care

Security and Prevention

Ultinous's solution helps Healthcare institutions to create a safe and preventive operating environment




Access control

Managing the automatic enter and exit process of authorised personnel, alert on known offenders or unknown people.

The system can be used alone or together with an RFID based solution.

Area monitoring

Receive an alert when unauthorised personnel (patient, visitor) access a restricted area or when potential tailgating is happening.

Person identification

Identify an unconscious, mentally disabled patient or those with limited communication skills.

Also can be used for double-check traditional identifiers before serious surgery or high-risk treatments/drugs intake.

Fall and non-movement detection

Monitor and alert when sudden and/or unexpected/irregular movement happening, e.g. a patient has fallen.

Monitor and alert when a patient is not moving (e.g. not able to get out from the bed or not leaving the restroom) for a long time, outside of a justified period (e.g. night sleeping).

Infection prevention

Automatic door opening and closing at high infection risk areas (operating room) for authorised personnel (doctors, nurses) after disinfection.

Facility insights

Optimise your facility’s performance and staff allocation by having information on:

  • number of visitors
  • distribution of visitors (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • examination waiting time prediction
  • patient/examination dwell times
  • visitor dwell times

Implementation of the above use cases requires an integrator’s interaction. UVAP do not provide these features out of the box.

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