Industrial safety

Safe and preventive operational environment

Ultinous support industrial manufacturers to provide a safe and preventive working and operational environment


Industrial safety


Access control

Managing the automatic enter and exit process of authorised personnel, alert on known offenders or unknown people.

The system can be used alone or together with an RFID based solution.

Area monitoring

Receive an alert when unauthorized personnel access a restricted area or when potential tailgating is happening.

Can be combined with Access control.

Critical personnel away

Monitor and alert when critical personnel is away or the number of personnel drop under a predefined level.

Thus leaving a high-risk function (e.g. control room) unattended or with inappropriate functionality.

Body position monitoring

Fall detection

Monitors and alerts when sudden and/or unexpected/irregular movement happening, e.g. a standing worker has fallen.

“Non-movement” detection

Monitors and alerts when a worker is not moving for a given period of time.

Hazardous area monitoring with alert

Area or line crossing

Monitor hazardous areas, regions and send real-time alerts if a person enters these areas or crossing a virtual line.

Safety zone diversion

Monitor and alert when a worker leaving the pre-defined safety zone

Direction detection

Detect and alert when a worker moves into the wrong (unsafe) direction.

Implementation of the above use cases requires an integrator’s interaction. UVAP do not provide these features out of the box.

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