Customer intelligence and store management

Using video analytics technology, brick and mortar Retailers can improve their customer experience, and have a deep understanding of their store dynamics, thus improve their competitiveness and profitability



Use cases

Customer experience

Utilize video analytics technology to effectively beat your traditional and eCommerce competitors by taking your customers’ shopping experience to the next level.

Entering the shop

  • Measure and improve your entering customer greeting time
  • Measure and reduce the non-greeted ratio
  • Recognize – and get alerted on – returning customers and greet them in a distinctive way

In the shop

  • Recognize and react on unattended customers, measure and reduce their rate
  • Manage and shorten queues

Leaving the shop

  • Measure and reduce the rate of customers who are leaving without the staff’s farewell

Queue management

Real-time traffic data, along with historical data series, can be used to recognize the formulation of queues.

Staff can be alerted to react in time, avoid the forming of long queues, thus improving customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Conversion Rate increase

Shortening queues can result in a significant conversion rate increase

Basket value increase

Customers do not rush for queueing; instead, they stay for more and buy more

Customer loyalty increase

Shorter queues make customers more satisfied and return more often

No cashier time increase

Queue shortening should not impact the overall cashier time, no extra resource needed

Marketing funnel

Marketing Insights

You can gather and analyze all sales and marketing funnel data in your brick and mortar shops in a way you may do in eCommerce.

By identifying your bottlenecks you can take appropriate measures to improve your processes resulting in improved conversion rates and operating income.

Collected and analyzed information could include:

  • Passer-by traffic
  • Number of visitors (Footfall)
  • Dwell time
  • Conversion rate
  • Returning customers

Real-time optimization

Using video analytics, a real-time analysis can be run on the actual state of the store. Even more, an alert sending component can be added to the system that sends alerts if predefined events expected to occur in the near future, leaving enough time for the staff to react.

Staff optimization

Post and real-time data analysis on customer distribution can help shop managers to plan ahead and set the optimal staff-to-customer ratio.

Promotion optimization

Gathering and analyzing visitor data can help shop managers to focus their marketing activities on periods with lower visitor traffic and fine-tune their campaign-style based on visitor demographics.

Advanced analytics for strategy

Information that is needed for strategic decisions like optimal store layout or product range and that is relatively easy to gather in e-Commerce are very hard to obtain in brick and mortar shops.

Using and analysing data from multi-level video analysis detections, it becomes possible to support shop managers with high complexity information like Customer Journey, Heat map or conversion rate filtered by age and gender.


The introduced use cases are aiming to demonstrate the capabilities of UVAP. Their implementation requires an integrator’s interaction or development. UVAP do not provide these features out of the box.

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