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AI-driven physical security monitoring solution


U-Alarm is an AI-based video analytics software solution. As a video intelligence solution, it is designed to automate IP camera event detection and notification in an actionable fashion. The U-Alarm AI is trained using millions of inputs to detect unauthorized intrusion to restricted areas and measure crowds exceeding preset thresholds.

As an actionable solution, U-Alarm is responsible for providing the
necessary amount of information regarding captured events so that
relevant personnel are able to make rapid decisions and take
corresponding actions based on them.

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intrusion detection icon, a man with an airplane and car

Intrusion Detection

Monitors a defined area and triggers alerts based on highly sensitive detection of objects.

man with a clock

Loitering detection

Triggers alerts if a person or vehicle lingers longer than the configured dwell time.


Zone crossing detection

Detects and triggers alert for potential intruders.

anomaly detection

Anomaly detection

Monitors a predefined area and automatically alerts if the current view is differs from the typical.

stop sign

Stopped object

Detects if a person or a vehicle stops at a location where it is not usual or unsafe.

a map pin with an X

Wrong direction

Detects if a person or a vehicle goes to a direction which is not allowed or unsafe.

3 person

Crowd detection

Measures the number of individuals inside the individuals inside the Region of Interest.


  • Increase security level using advanced deep learning technology
  • Use real-time event notifications
  • Identify humans and objects hundreds of meter away
  • Automate your surveillance processes
  • Drastically reduce false alarm rates
  • Support for all IP cameras
U-Alarm figure
U-alarm device

Camera agnostics

U-Alarm supports up to 10 cameras depending on the analytic configuration. It supports the majority of IP cameras through RTSP, a standard video streaming protocol. The general application of U-Alarm is in combination with fixed in- and outdoor cameras. U-Alarm can produce the same level of accuracy across multiple resolution settings and various light conditions such as day and night cycles.

Scale as you grow

U-Filter extracts short videos from VMS and sends them to the U-Filter server for analysis. It is responsible to analyze all alerts produced by other system, identify the ones that are truly require further involvement, and forward it to the VMS as notification alongside the relevant video frames.

PTZ camera

VMS integration

Although our solutions by default are standalone in nature, they also can be integrated to VMS to further enhance its event detection and notification capabilities. Our solutions are officially certified and trusted third party integration solutions of XProtect, Milestone’s VMS. Milestone is one of the largest VMS providers on the globe with a strong market presence in Europe.

Camera Compatibility

Compatibility with fixed, thermal, PTZ and radar cameras, including ones equipped with night vision. Our solutions are compatible with all major surveillance device types to enhance security capabilities with out altering any major components of the surveillance infrastructure.

Affordable and powerful local appliance

Edge computing allows to process large quantities of data on site without worrying about security, privacy or latency. Internet connection is not required. Edge devices are compact in size while having the same amount of processing power as a regular server.