Business-driven R&D

Research and development especially in the Artificial Intelligence industry can turn into a never-ending endeavor with little to no benefit in the end. Figuring out something new and unique is only as good as how much the market can benefit from it.

As an industry leader in AI-based video analytics, Ultinous understands that R&D must be forefronted with a deep understanding of what are the actual business needs and desires. This allows us to streamline prototyping phases and deliver solutions that are beneficial for the market.

Quick prototypiing

Our research team is continuously tracking and monitoring the most recent and relevant developments in the AI deep learning field and is capable of deriving capabilities and demonstrating the business value is achievable with the latest trends.

This is where the expertise provided by Ultinous comes into play. Fundamentally through its research lab’s deep understanding of AI modeling coupled with its engineering department’s rapid prototyping capability Ultinous can deliver tailor-made solutions in quick successions while simultaneously satisfying customer needs on an individual level.

Readily available environment

The difficulty with developing AI-based technologies stems from the lack of a deep understanding of the subject. Many organizations attempt to develop their own solution and end up investing a lot of time and money in training their own people to even get a grasp of how the project should be done. Most of the effort is relegated to understanding the basics and developing toolkits that later can be used to develop actual products. It turns into a long-shot investment instead of a robust project launch.

Ultinous already carved its way through all of this. The Research and development team already spent years establishing an environment that is suited for AI modeling and prototyping and contains all the necessary toolkits that allow rapid pace technology production.

Opinionated solutions

AI-driven projects are still relatively new and highly complex even today. There are no by default solutions or concepts how each AI-based solution should work or solve specific challenges. In fields such as this, the most important thing is the level of expertise the research and development team possesses as they need to create custom solutions to address each particular customer need. Have the capability to fully understand the requirements and define a product that can exactly produce the required results.

The Ultinous team spent years studying, practicing, and operating in the AI field. They possess the capability to define and develop solutions in an opinionated manner that meets customer requirements and suits market needs.

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