Ultinous Security Solutions
Technology to understand what you are seeing

Ultinous technology gives defence and security infrastructure the intelligence to understand what they are seeing and alert them at speed and scale.

Challenges you can overcome with our solutions

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Find and track people

Have to find somebody in a crowd?
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Online facecheck - Liveness test

Need to check someone’s identity online?
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Crowd management with Alerting

Having problem with optimising staff for visitor distribution?
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Access control

Need to monitor entrances and restricted areas?

Elements of the Ultinous Security Solution

Queue management with predictive alerting: We tell you when a queue is going to form, minutes before it actually forms. The controller model sends alerts to staff to open a gate or when extra personnel is needed to manage the crowd.Staff scheduling: Prediction on visitor distribution can help facility managers to plan ahead and set the optimal staff-to-visitor ratio.Use of existing CCTV: The solution can seamlessly integrate
with an existing IP camera infrastructure.
People counting: The technology is capable of counting people crossing an imaginary line with above 99% people-counting accuracy.Visitor demographics: For front facing persons the system can predict age and gender with high accuracy.Tracking: Using re-identification, we can track and record a route map of a detected person throughout a facility even with partial camera coverage or non-facial appearance.Real-time anonymisation: Detected faces can be anonymised and transformed into numerical vectors in real- time. No personal data need to be stored.Access control: You can restrict access to areas where traditional pass could potentially be shared between staff or third parties or where age restrictions applied.Monitoring restricted areas: Receive an alert when unauthorised personnel access a restricted area or when potential tailgating is happening.Access system: Complex solution managing the automatic enter and exit process of authorised personnel, alert on known offenders or unknown people with automatic visitor registration.Measure dwell times: Using our re-identification module, you can measure the time people spent in your facility.Recognise known offender: You can recognise known offenders against a million image database in real-time, throughout multiple locations to alert security staff.Online Facecheck - Liveness test: Live, real-time video authorisation to confirm identity, run a liveness test or gain access to restricted content.Web-based data access: All of the data along with the videos are available with a simple click on a web-based reporting platform.Identification: Confirm a person’s identity against a database (passport photo or boarding pass) in real-time to grant or reject access. (e.g. Airport boarding)

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Queue Management with Predective Alerting

We tell you when a queue is going to form, minutes before it actually forms. We uses security camera feeds as input and runs the video analysis modules to accurately assess the number and distribution of visitors in an area at any given time. A controller model sends predictive alerts to the staff to take appropriate actions (open or close gates or add extra personnel to control the crowd).

Access Control System

Complex solution managing the automatic enter and exit process of authorised personnel, alert on known offenders or unknown people with automatic visitor registration. Members and registered visitors can be easily managed through an interactive online medium. The system can be used alone or together with an RFID based solution.

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Online Facecheck – Liveness test

Use our easily embeddable solution to run an automatic real-time video authorisation to prevent online fraud. You can confirm a person’s identity to create legally binding agreements (e.g. credit contract), provide access to restricted content (e.g. prevent children accessing age-restricted content) or run a liveness test.

Privacy and data protection

In case your business case requires it, the platform can anonymise (blur faces and/or full bodies) video streams real-time. An individual’s identity is protected by converting faces into mathematical expressions that are encrypted and cannot be reversed. By re-identification of a person, only these vectors are matched, individuals are not identified.

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Ready to take security in your facility to the next level?


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Budapest Airport measures waiting times to better serve passengers

Informing passengers about the expected waiting time not only improves customer service but can also make border control manpower more efficient

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Ultinous Security Solutions brochure

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