Real-time intrusion detection and alerting

Easy to deploy Perimeter Protection with multi-zone alerting for Milestone VMS.



U-perimeter is Ultinous’s AI-based Perimeter Protection solution using video analytics. Integrated into Milestone XProtect VMS, it provides real-time perimeter monitoring and activity analysis with high accuracy, human-related detection and alerting.

U-perimeter usage


The downloadable plugin comes with an easy to use intuitive visual interface that makes it easy to set (draw) zones on the image of the surveillance camera.
Supports multi-zone definition and is fully integrated with Milestone Smart client for automated task management. It can be easily added to an existing surveillance infrastructure.
Uses human detection and provides real-time visual incident analysis to reduce false alarms, thus operating costs.

Key features

Multi-zone operation

U-perimeter comes with an intuitive visual interface that makes it easy to set multiple zones. Seamless integration allows configuration and control from Milestone’s XProtect Management Client.

  • Proximity zones: multiple zones can be set close to the observed high-risk area allowing appropriate prevention time for security staff before an actual intrusion happens.
  • Intrusion zone: a pre-defined area in which human detection count as an intrusion.

Task management

Alarms can be defined based on events (alerting rules) configured according to the use case and site preferences. U-perimeter works effortlessly with XProtect workflows making event definition, management and follow up an effective and integrated process. This includes managing and tracking the state of actions, and live monitoring, playback and visually following the alarms.

Reduced false alarm rate

Using video analytics in perimeter surveillance in itself reduce the negative effects of false alarm and costly human interaction by providing immediate visual confirmation and playback opportunity on events. More then this, u-Perimeter uses human detection technology to identify intrusions eliminating the most common false alarms caused by moving animals, bushes, wind moved non-human objects or shadows.

Are you interested in using U-perimeter?


Implementation of some of the mentioned features may require additional Milestone VMS configuration. U-perimeter does not provide all of these features out of the box.