Ultinous Web Services API
Utilising the potential of the latest AI technologies in your products

With the integration of our AI-based video stream and photo analyser service you can increase the user experience of your website or application to the maximum.

Challenges you can overcome with our solutions

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Liveness test

Do you need to detect if your visitor is a real person?
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Face compare

Need to know if the user uploads real photos of him/herself?
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Need to identify profile photos that are the most similar to the photo of a certain person?
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Child protection

Need to restrict access for a specific age group?

Features you can utilise on your website or in your products

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Head detection


Do you want to know how many people are visible in the picture? Find all heads, even the ones partially covered or seen from the back.

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Identification - re-identification


Do you need to find people in multiple camera views? We can identify people based on their upper or whole body and can find them in other images.

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Gender and age detector


If you need to know the age and gender parameters of your visitors, we provide a range of solutions so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Face detection


Find all faces, even if there are hundreds. Use the results to recognize faces or analyze age, gender, and more.

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Real-time anonimisation


GDPR changes the data-handling rules. Our GDPR-ready solution can anonymize head or full body in every frame, even before the next one arrives.

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Face expression detector


Happy, angry, neutral, surpised: our algorithms can detect emotions on faces.

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Face recognition


Run facial recognition on images at least 128x128 pixels large. You can compare faces using your preferred software, or use our database to scan millions of faces within milliseconds.

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Person tracking


Tracking frame-by-frame in real time or connecting tracklets computed using multiple camera images… We can do that.

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Camera orientation detector


Sometimes cameras move unintentionally, and sometimes you need to know it. For 3D coordinates it is a must. Our orientation detectors can let you know immediately.

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Head pose detection


Do you need to know where your customers are looking? This feature can analyze their head orientation.

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Tracking 3D


We can map head location onto 3D coordinates in real time to support the creation of 3D tracking.

Ultinous online-facecheck- -gr

Online Facecheck – Liveness test

Use our easily embeddable solution to run an automatic real-time video authorisation to prevent online fraud. You can confirm a person’s identity to create legally binding agreements (e.g. credit contract), provide access to restricted content (e.g. prevent children accessing age-restricted content) or run a liveness test.

Privacy and data protection

In case your business case requires it, the platform can anonymise (blur faces and/or full bodies) video streams real-time. An individual’s identity is protected by converting faces into mathematical expressions that are encrypted and cannot be reversed. By re-identification of a person, only these vectors are matched, individuals are not identified.

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